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      File Transfer




1.  Clicking the above filing cabinet image will direct you to the Filezilla website. This program is used to transfer files between EFS and clients. Each client will be supplied with a username and password by EFS.

2.    After clicking on the above filing cabinet image…you have arrived at the download page:

a.     Click on the top link “FileZilla_3.3.5.1_win32-setup.exe (recommended)” to download the program using Windows operating system.

b.    If you have a different operating system scroll down and locate the appropriate link for your company.  

3.    To complete the download process…follow instructions below:

a.    Clicking on the “Run” button to start the download

                                  i.    If a firewall is active – The download process will not start without your approval

                                 ii.    Click on the bar and select download program to begin the download process.

b.    When prompted…select “Run”

                                  i.    After the initial “Run” - you will be prompted again to select “Run” as well.

c.    An agreement policy will appear, read through and select agree at bottom.

                                  i.    Agreeing with the policy will send you to the next screen.

d.    If you would like anyone using the computer access to Filezilla you will want to make sure that box is selected on the screen when asked, or you can set it up so only the current logged in user is allowed access..click “Next”

e.    On the final screen you will be allowed to select where the program will be located (the system will place this on your “C” drive…unless you would like the program placed in a different location)

                                  i.    Be sure to select if you want an icon on the desktop and in the start menu…click “Finished”

4.    Go to “Downloadable Forms” on Executive Financial Solutions’ website for user instructions.

a.    Click on “User Instructions for FileZilla.docx” to “View” or “Print” user instructions